I need to make a confession. I’m a recovered oilphobe.

Yes, it’s true – I used to carry fear and hatred of oils in my heart. I have seen the light and learned from my mistakes, so at this point, I’m a face oil convert. A face oil zealot. You know those tv preachers who sing the praises of whatever prayer method they’re trying to sell? I’m like those guys. Let’s talk about oils.

I have oily skin. Very oily. So all my life, I’ve been told to avoid oil at all costs because, you gotta admit, it kind of makes sense. I got an oil problem, I don’t put more oil on, duh. Wrong. Oils are fiiiine. Oils are your friends.

Sure, greaseballs like myself should probably avoid comedogenic oils because that’s the stuff that’s likely to cause congestion, but there are so many other oils that are good and friendly and nice. Drier oils like rose hip and sea buckthorn, for instance.

Oils have a long history of use as beauty products. That’s part of the appeal, for me – consider the fact that egyptian royalty, roman nobles, renaissance ladies all used oils to treat hair, skin and nails, and to carry fragrance. So how glamorous is it to massage in a gorgeous botanical oil, just like Cleopatra did before you? It’s hysterically glamorous. Dreamy. Mystical. Need I say more?

And of course, disregarding the chicness of the concept (not that we should), it’s also great for moisturizing and nourishing your skin. Soften up those dry legs, moisturize your beautiful little face, and if you get an oil that’s particularly nutritious, you could be supplying some well-needed antioxidants. Par exemple, my aforementioned favourite rosehip seed oil contains beta-carotene which our bodies converts into vitamin A. Obviously it’s not gonna give you a whole new face like a clinical-strength retinoid would, but still, it’s a little somethin’ somethin’.

Beauty oils have become such a staple product, there’s a positively dizzying range of options – pure botanicals, interesting blends, high-tech synthetics are all represented on the spectrum of products. We’re encouraged to apply oils to hair, nails, faces, bodies, either on its own or mixed with other products.

It’s such a versatile product category that I’ve grown to love using – it’s partly about the efficacy of the products, but also partly about how fun it is to hoard glass dropper bottles to mix up like you’re an ancient priestess performing a ritual. There’s nothing to fear in those little bottles – anoint yourself with them and see the light as I have.