Highlights are back, just like me! It’s may, it might be spring if you squint, and I’ve got extra juicy highlights for you. I’m in a gritty, gross depressive state right now and thus in great need of some sunshine and colour. Maybe a new pair of shoes. You know how it is.

Into The Gloss interviews my childhood crush, Isabella Rossellini. Remember Death Becomes Her? I saw it when I was a kid and it made quite the mark.

Deciem is a recent source for all sorts of drama, and with founder Brandon Truaxe’s latest tantrum on social media the future of the brand appears to be in serious jeopardy.

Ok, so this isn’t beauty related, but how cute are these blouses? (me, I’m dying for one of those cotton eyelet lace corselets people wore back in the day.)

This 2013 New York Times piece on the way other people’s opinions of us cause us anxiety is well worth revisiting.

Consider the beauty of a rose garden.

I’ve often expressed a desire to wear a fragrance that strikes fear into the hearts of my enemies – too bad this article is from 2016!

How to deal with creative dry spells – much needed reading for me!

Kim Kardashian’s new perfume launch looks kind of familiar. (personally, the bottle design creeps me out)

The faces women make in the mirror, sometimes while applying makeup, feature in this photo series.

A tiny $60 leather case to hold a single lipstick, for the woman who has everything.

Minimalism is hotter than ever, but what does the simple life really cost you?

I’m an uncomplicated woman – give me a dubiously effective skincare product in a cute bottle, I’ll buy it.

In yet another social media scandal, PopSugar knocks off influencer content – and adds their own affiliate marketing links. For shame.

Lip balm may well be my greatest vice, and this Scentbird collection feels unexpected from a fragrance agency. I love the little illustrations on the tubes, very cute (are icons making a comeback? Like emojis, but designer. Maybe.)

Speaking of scandal – here are alternatives to Deciem products now that the brand has lost all credibility.

Anxiety is my constant companion and this personal essay about using fashion and beauty to gain a sense of control really hits close to home.

Being the colour of copier paper, bronzer is a little scary to me. But this guide to bronzers might make me give it a shot. MIGHT.

OCC was one of the first beauty brands I loved – lip tar was early in the game with not only bright colours but a longwear liquid formula – but it looks like the brand isn’t surviving. This article details their legal troubles and what it really costs to be stocked in brick-and-mortar stores.

This MAC brush set comes in a giant lipstick. A GIANT LIPSTICK!!! Mama want!!

I’m obsessed with cyborgs (my copy of Simians, Cyborgs and Women by Donna Haraway looks like it’s been through a natural disaster) and I really enjoyed this article on the way fashion is embracing technologies that blur the lines between the digital and physical world.

These girls ruining their spray tans by crying and drooling cracked me up.

Inspo: Polka Dot

Photo by JUCO Creative Direction