Foundation is one of those beauty products that is so, so, easy to become dependent on. The difference a layer of base makeup can make to a face is staggering – and I’m guilty of relying on increasingly higher coverage as time goes on. The flawless finish of a full-coverage base is strangely addictive, and I’ve found myself reaching for this kind of product more and more.

It’s actually made my relationship with my appearance and my complexion a little complicated.

Seeing yourself in the mirror all covered up, smoothed out and perfected, you gradually get used to a version of your face that isn’t genuine. I found myself increasingly uneasy with how my face actually looked – visible pores, dark circles, breakouts (there are always breakouts) and scars. It didn’t feel like me. But it was me. It was my skin, and I didn’t want to be so dependent on makeup to feel okay with my appearance. Wearing foundation became the bare minimum. It became the default.

So I decided to stop.

Just for a while, because I am a beauty blogger after all and I’m not on a crusade or anything. Consider it an experiment – I’m not wearing any foundation or concealer for all of may.

I’m gonna get reacquainted with my own skin – Because if you think about it, it’s kind of ridiculous to spend as much time and money on skincare as I do only to cover it up.