Björk & Berries is a Swedish beauty & fragrance brand that features nordic nature in their marketing and product heavily, and they’ve been kind of under my radar until their presentation at Daisy Beauty Expo! While I was pretty unimpressed by their inability to answer questions, the product is solid and at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing. I received a few samples at the expo, one of which was this cleanser featuring pink clay.

The bottle is made of glass with a lockable pump, it feels sturdy and luxurious. Inside is a peach-coloured gel that to me doesn’t smell like much, which I prefer. Having oily skin, I wasn’t really concerned that this would be drying but clay cleansers are known to be a little harder on dry skins – that said I did find this very gentle. Björk & Berries is a brand that uses a lot of botanicals, and this does contain calming oat extracts which helps combat the drying quality of clay.

Here’s the cleanser out of the bottle.

I’ve been using it nightly as my second cleanse for almost a month, and find that my face feels thoroughly cleansed without feeling dry or stripped in any way. The gel doesn’t really lather, but sort of emulsifies slightly and feels smooth and refreshing on the skin. A little goes a long way, too – I don’t need to use more than one pump to wash my face.

This is a simple, no-nonsense gentle gel cleanser that does what it says on the tin and I appreciate that.

Price: $37/30EUR
Size: 100ml/3.4oz
Pros: Gentle, non-foaming but thorough. Feels expensive.
Cons: May be drying for a more sensitive skin.
Repurchase? I would.