I’m not the type to do a first impression review since I believe in giving products a genuine go before passing judgement, but as Daisy Beauty Expo more or less rained product upon me it’s appealing in its efficiency to do a kind of quickfire review. Being an incorrigible insomniac of rank, I couldn’t sleep so I got up and decided to play around with some of the makeup I received as press samples during the event. Most of the products I’m trying here are drugstore items, which isn’t my usual sphere (I’m a sucker for luxury, let me live!) so I thought it would be interesting to see how I liked everything.

Let’s start at the top of the face and work ourselves down, nice and methodical. Oh, and I skipped foundation here because I had no energy to go fuss about with a beauty blender at this hour.

Brows – my eyebrows are brushed through with Idun Perfect Brow Gel in Medium – I’ve started using darker brow products and I like the way it looks! This is a brow gel with fibers so it helps build volume, something I am in dire need of. I can’t really say much about this product except I absolutely adore it. Many of my fellow bloggers are already raving about it, and with good reason – it’s thick and gives great colour payoff, applies evenly and easily with the tiny spoolie, and just makes your brows look hopelessly chic. This may be my new go-to brow product – I like it even more than boy brow.

Since I have some gaps in my brows, I added a few strokes of the Depend Slim Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Brown. This is one of those super-thin little twist up pencils with a fairly dry texture, which I prefer in brow products personally. The fine tip really helps create the illusion of hair – I like this a lot.

Eyes – Revlon offered their Colorstay Creme Eyeshadows as samples and I’m using shade 730, a pink champange shade that’s just my kind of colour. I used the little brush that was included to pat it all over the lid, and used the Stila Mind palette to add dimension around the outer corners and browbone.

The face in question.

I’ve used a lot of shimmery cream shadows before, and this Revlon one is a little softer and more emollient than, say, the Maybelline ones or MAC paint pots. It’s the kind of product I go through a lot since it’s minimal effort and maximum effect – hard to mess up and always looks pretty.

Lashes – No new mascara this time around, but L’Oréal offered up their Paradise Extatic Lash Primer. I admit to being a primer skeptic especially when it comes to eyelashes, so I had low expectations to say the least. It’s a white primer that feels a bit silicone-y, definitely not the kind that hardens on the lash. And when I put my regular (and fairly unimpressive) mascara over top it kind of looked awesome. HUGE lashes. I can’t say I’ll bother using this on the daily but it definitely does the job.

Cheeks – Wet n’ Wild is one of those brands I’ve never tried, so I was interested to see how I liked what I took home from the expo. I used their highlighter stick and sadly, it’s not for me – I swiped it across my cheekbones and tapped it in with my fingers and found that the shimmer particles were way too big for my liking. I’m more of a soft glow kind of girl, I like my highlight to really melt into the skin seamlessly. Not for me.

On the other hand, the Revlon liquid lipstick I used as blush looks amazing. It felt a little weird on the skin and lips when I tried it so I may be a little allergic to it – but I hope not because it makes such a wonderful cream blush.

Lips – L’Oreal is pushing high shine for spring, so I mixed together their new color riche shine lipsticks to create this raspberry colour. It’s super glossy and moisturizing, feels great on the lips especially after all these years of ultra-matte lipsticks.

That said, they’re very slippery and I imagine the way I talk and eat I’ll end up with lipstick everywhere. But it may be worth it for the #look. I’ll say the scent/flavour grosses me out, though.