Tendency ; Ray of Sunshine

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Yellow is happening whether you like it or not. It is the colour of so many good things – sunflowers, cute baby chicks, mustard (yum), egg yolks (yum!!), french fries (can you tell I’m hungry?)

Beyoncé wore a mustard dress in the Hold Up video for Lemonade. Yellow eyeshadow has made appearances in several hyped-up palettes in the past year from brands like Natasha Denona, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Colourpop (even Maybelline is doing it this summer.). Yellow blush had a moment on instagram – I even tried it myself. ASOS just posted a story about what they’re calling “citrus” eye makeup. Furthermore, turmeric face masks and lattes are trending.

Here’s the yellow colour trend in beauty and skincare.

Chanel Le Vernis in no.592 Giallo Napoli


Chanel’s new creative director Lucia Pica knows her colours, and for spring this lemon-yellow nail polish inspired by Naples has made a big splash. Chanel just opened a beauty boutique in Stockholm and the store clerk I spoke to there was wearing this, it looked so cheerful in this lousy winter climate.

Yellow nail polish can be tricky, but I’m a believer – just find a shade you feel comfortable in.

FÄRG Collection’s latest campaign.

FÄRG Collection

A local brand aimed primarily at working artists, FÄRG is known for their intensely colourful multi-use shadows and admirable base shade range (a rarity in these parts) – true to their name which means “colour” in Swedish.

They just revamped their visuals and their new signature colour is bright yellow, a colour that makes me think of industrial design. Very cool.

The Seaberry range from Fresh features Sea Buckthorn Oil.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

One of my favourite oils is Sea Buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn is a tannic, tart, bright orange berry that’s so full of antioxidants it’d make Gwyneth Paltrow blush.

It’s also the source of an intensely amber-hued oil that is brilliant for anyone’s face, full of beta-carotene, vitamin c, omega acids – it’s suitable even for oily skins. At Daisy Beauty Expo, GlossGods offered custom-made serums and the sea buckthorn oil in mine turned it bright yellow.

The new designs for Ceramidin feature bright yellow.


Speaking of redesigns, Korean cult favourite skincare brand Dr.Jart+ is rolling out a fresh look for their much-loved Ceramidin range. The new packaging has a minimalist, contemporary look with bright yellow caps and lids. The change from round jars and bottles to square ones make the packaging look even more futuristic, sure to stand out on store shelves.

Honey Potion is one of the most-hyped honey skincare products on the market.


One of my favourite yellow things is honey.

Incidentally, honey is also one of your skin’s favourite things – it hydrates and even exfoliates lightly thanks to its enzymatic qualities. Farmacy is one of the most well-known brands whose entire range is based on honey – the Honey Potion mask is the most coveted product in their lineup and I’m dying to get my paws on it.

PS. If you’re not inclined to dropping big bucks on honey-infused skincare, a jar of raw honey from a local beekeeper will make both your face and tastebuds very happy.

Buttercupcake by Sugarpill, one of my favourite eyeshadow brands.

Yellow Eyeshadow

A little obvious, perhaps, but I think yellow eyeshadow looks super cool on just about anyone. Lisa Eldridge showed a look on her youtube channel that I really liked, but I also like the super-soft blended look and a more painterly effect using creams or liquids rather than powder.

As mentioned at the start of the post, using a sunshine-hued blush isn’t a bad idea either!

More yellow things that are fabulous: My new yellow pencil pouch which fits my journal perfectly, this half-moon shaped Mansur Gavriel Wallet that costs more than my rent, organic cotton undies from Pansy, and sunflowers.

Some of my picks for this trend can be found below in my shopping widget – this is tied to an affiliate program.

6 thoughts on “Tendency ; Ray of Sunshine

  1. Kailey

    LOVEEE this roundup! That Sugarpill shadow is incredible – such an amazing brand all around.


    1. Saffron

      Thank you darling!! And yes, I LOVE Sugarpill, especially because their pans are so large so it’s easy to get in there with a blush brush!


  2. Eba

    Loving your articles recently! I’ve also started loving yellow now c:


    1. Saffron

      Thank you so much!! I’ve had such bad writers block and it’s finally getting better 😉


  3. A

    I’ve had mixed feelings about yellow before, but right now this seems just so refreshing.


    1. Saffron

      Doesn’t it! Especially in this dreadful winter, a bright sunny colour lifts the mood.


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