I love roses. And I’m kind of obsessed with Pixi skincare – I feel like they were under the radar for a while, and now I covet basically everything they’re making. So when they launched rose skincare this fall, I had to try it out. I already reviewed the Caviar Essence, and now it’s time for the Rose Flash Balm. (side note – they’ve since expanded the rose range and I’m salivating.)

This product kind of confuses me. It’s described as a moisturizer, mask and primer in one – I’ve only used it as a mask personally because that’s what worked best for me. Pixi claims this helps combat signs of fatigue, and I’m the queen of fatigue, so I’ve been using this when I was in the bath lately. It smells like garden roses, just like the essence I reviewed – it doesn’t feel perfume-y or cloying but fresh and dewy. The texture is kind of like a gel, but it’s a cream, so there’s even more confusion.

Either way, I found this had a brightening and smoothing effect, but nothing super dramatic. There was definitely a level of tactile comfort as well – the mask feels lovely on the skin and the scent is very refreshing. I noticed this tends to kind of ball up when you remove it – probably the result of film formers – so if you use it as a moisturizer or primer I’d use it sparingly. For an extra refreshing feeling, I like to remove the mask with a damp washcloth soaked in slightly cool water, great for when your face feels puffy and rough.

Pixi Rose Flash Balm

I think this is a lovely product for someone who’s looking for a fairly affordable but luxurious-feeling mask to use when you’re more interested in self-care than problem-solving. While this does hydrate and smooth, it’s not enough to make a huge difference in your skincare routine – it’s more of a feel-good than a do-good product. If you want something that really kicks your skin up a notch, try the Peel & Polish.

Price: $24/29EUR
Size: 45ml/1.5oz
Pros: Smells amazing, smooths & plumps, a treat to use.
Cons: Fairly uncomplicated formula that won’t make a HUGE difference in your skin long term.
Repurchase? I might be inclined to, but right now? Nah. I’m drowning in masks.