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I’m not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks. I often find them too uncomfortable and a lot of them seem to have a strangely chalky colour, even dark shades. So when I received the Armani Lip Magnet last fall to review for Daisy Beauty Awards I was initially sceptical. Not only was it a liquid lipstick, but the colour looked a little meh in the tube.

Y’all, I’m eating my words.

This is hands down the best liquid lipstick formula I’ve tried. It’s thin, well-pigmented, lightweight and just perfect. The texture is more inky than creamy, completely  unlike conventional matte liquid lipsticks. It’s also not strictly matte, it’s got some luminosity to it – more like a satin finish. Your lips keep their… living dimension.

Of course, any liquid lipstick is bound to be more drying than a traditional lipstick – that’s to be expected. But this actually wears in a way that looks flattering – no flaky bits or weird inner lip edges – It wears off like a stain, melding into the lip. It’s not more long-wearing than any other high-quality lipstick as far as I can see but that’s not important to me anyway. I’ve said before that publicly touching up lipstick is one of my favourite things. I stand by that.

The applicator is kind of a doefoot but thinner and a little curved to follow the shape of your lip. This is the only doefoot applicator I’ve ever loved. I realize this post is becoming less review and more rave – but really, I do adore this in every way. Even the colour, which I rolled my eyes at in the beginning, is one of the most flattering and beautiful rosy colours I’ve seen.

The colour I was sent is #506 Fusion, which seems to be one of the most popular shades and with good reason. Here’s my issue, though. The colour name is only printed on the outer box, not the actual tube which only has a number. Sure, you can google it, but it’s still annoying to have to do extra research to keep track of your colours!

Price: $38/33.5EUR via Sephora (Affiliate Link)
Size: 3.9ml/0.13oz
Pros: Comfortable, easy to apply, chic packaging, looks smashing, and no weird scent.
Cons: It’s expensive, the colour names aren’t printed on the tubes, and I’d enjoy a wider colour range.
Repurchase? YES!!!!