As you know, I’m a natural beauty sceptic. I don’t really buy into that lifestyle.


I do think Herbivore are on to something.

What I admire about their products is the simplicity – they’re easy to understand and easy to like. Plus, the packaging is outrageously chic. Having been eyeing their products for a while, I finally went through the hell that is forwarding services, international shipping and a heart-wrenching customs fee to top it off. But honestly? I’ve been wanting to try this stuff for a million years so it was worth the wait and the bill.

First of many reviews is my most wanted product, the Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask. Blue tansy is quite the hip ingredient, especially with these chic natural brands like Sunday Riley and May Lindstrom. Along with the blue tansy, this mask contains willow bark, a natural form of salicylic acid, and fruit enzymes from pineapple. I’ve been on quite the enzyme kick lately!

When you open the box the first thing you notice is the heady scent of blue tansy. I’d never smelled it before so I was surprised by how honey-like it was – it’s like a herbal, honeyed, floral scent that’s quite unusual. I don’t mind it, but a sensitive nose might not like it. Inside, the jar is beautiful with its minimalist label.

I wanna point out that I don’t care for jar packaging. It’s not very hygienic and most of all it’s impractical since this mask has the texture of maple syrup. However, it looks pretty so I can live with it, and I appreciate that they include a little spatula to dispense it hygienically.

There’s a little card in the box with instructions, and they recommend using the mask daily for 3-4 days to start, and then 1-2 times a week. So that’s what I did. I scooped up a pair of teaspoons or so into my hand and spread it across my face, and let it sit for a full 20 minutes. It really feels like syrup, and the mask dries to this shiny finish like a coat of varnish. Once dry, I washed it off with warm water and followed with serum and moisturizer.


After the second time I used the mask, I saw a difference – most of all, I found my pores looking more refined and my skin felt less congested.

I was actually a little sceptical of the efficacy of the exfoliants in this mask, since I’m prejudiced against natural ingredients. But sure enough, it works! It feels very gentle on the skin to be sure, but it does eat those pesky dead skin cells as promised. There’s a tiny bit of tingling upon application, but it goes away in a minute. I don’t experience any redness either, so it’s a true pleasure to use.

I honestly can’t say anything bad about this, other than the impractical packaging. Can a girl get a pump once in a while???

Price: $48/41EUR
Size: 70ml/2.3oz
Pros: Effective, pleasant to use, looks beautiful
Cons: Messy packaging, expensive.
Repurchase? If this huge jar ever runs out, yeah!