Review: Fenty Gloss Bomb

Aren’t we all kind of over the super-matte lip look? Listen, I love matte lipstick, but the ultra-matte liquid-longswear-would-probably-survive-a-nuclear-blast kind just makes me feel shriveled up and uncomfortable. So imagine my glee when Rihanna launched this beautiful nude gloss with her Fenty Beauty collection at Sephora, it feels so right and so refreshing. Needless to say, I picked it up and I’m very impressed.

The colour is described as an universal nude, which is usually a nonsensical claim but in this case it’s kind of true – It’ll look good on most lip and skin colours. I’ve worn it alone and over liner, and I really enjoy the plumping effect it gives. It’s kind of cushiony in a way, but not very sticky.

I find it wears pretty well for a gloss, too. The only thing I don’t care for is the fragrance, it’s very sweet and cloying. Most people seem to enjoy it, but I really dislike sweet scents or fragrance in beauty products in general. Either way, I think this is one of those products that most people could get use from – and it doesn’t just look good on the lips, but the eyelids too.

Price: $18/17EUR
Size: 9ml/0.3oz
Pros: Beautiful on the lips, flattering, cool packaging.
Cons: Smells like candy.
Repurchase? I would.

4 thoughts on “Review: Fenty Gloss Bomb

  1. Jenny

    Din recension gjorde mig inte mindre sugen att köpa denna produkt kan jag ju säga.


    1. Saffron

      Jag är mycket förtjust! älskar att applikatorn är megastor, tar typ två sekunder att täcka hela läppen.


  2. Kashayas

    Det ser riktigt fint ut. 🙂


    1. Saffron

      Det är den!! Älskar ju gloss.


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