Happy October! Fall is upon us, dark lipstick is socially acceptable again, and these are the Highlights.

This piece on the sheet mask selfie trend is hilarious and kind of true! I probably won’t taking these selfies, to be honest, because they are kind of fun… but… I’ll be thinking about this.

Makeup icon Kevyn Aucoin’s life, impact and illness. I’m indeed very anxious to see the documentary, and also to recreate the looks from Making Faces.

Need help not being racist this halloween season? Here’s a helpful guide!

A gorgeous photo from Beauty Con, courtesy of New York Times.

A fascinating and beautifully photographed trip down the rabbit hole of Beauty Con – a seemingly strange universe of makeup, selfies, and fantasy.

This is the soundtrack of my life right now. Still waiting for disco to make a comeback.

Why does fashion insist on photographing women as victims? (warning: disturbing and misoynist imagery)

Did you relate more to the villainess than the heroine as a child? Read this defense of villainesses.

Surreal makeup by Isamaya Ffrench

Makeup artist and Renaissance woman Isamaya Ffrench on transformation, self-expression and empowerment. I’m allergic to the term “empowering”, but I’m willing to let this slide.

Estée Lalonde is one of my most-loved bloggers, and her new podcast The Heart of It is quickly becoming a mid-week highlight. The latest episode is about the history of makeup, one of my favourite topics!

Remember Too Faced showing a glittery face mask on instagram? It’s called GLOW JOB. I wish I didn’t think that name was funny but… I do…

Celebrated writer and editor Hanya Yanagihara interviewed about life, work, and perfume. I still haven’t read A Little Life, tragically!

Annahita of Whinar wrote a beautiful and important post about ugliness and self-worth, and shared this brilliant youtube video. A must watch for anyone, especially in this beauty-obsessed culture of ours.

We sold feminism to the masses, and now it means nothing. I don’t know if I agree that it means nothing, but it’s certainly a worrying tendency.

As Fashion Month rolls to a close, here’s a slideshow of the most interesting beauty looks on this season’s runways.

LIXIR skincare

LIXIR is a new skincare brand that looks very promising, formulated by industry powerhouse Colette Haydon. I appreciate their philosphy regarding synthethic and natural ingredients… plus, the packaging is very chic.

I am indeed a grown woman who watches cartoons – stay with me – and the one thing I watch and rewatch each year without fail is Over the Garden Wall, a truly beautiful (and scary!) story about family, faith, courage, death, and growing up. Imagine Dante’s Inferno crossed with The Wind in the Willows.

Anyone else absolutely in love with Celine Dion’s outrageous outfits? More please!!

INSPO: Bedazzled faces at Dries van Noten SS18, courtesy of Vogue.com