I must confess to shopping a lot at & Other Stories – I just think a lot of their clothes are cute! What’s really been drawing me in, though, is the beauty section. Normally, an affordable fashion chain wouldn’t be the first port of call for someone looking for cosmetics, but this is a sure exception. Here’s a handful of my favourites from the range.

Carillon Bloom Cheek & Lip Tint – I love wearing this on cheeks, eyes and temples.

Cheek & Lip Tint in Carillon Bloom
Yeah, I’m predictable, sue me. I love a cream blush.
This is a wonderful rosy pink that gives your cheeks that flushed, dewy look that I think looks superb. Cream blushes just have that ability to melt into your skin and make you look radiant and fresh-faced, as if you’re not actually an insomniac with poor eating habits. In terms of staying power, blush is always the first to go and I’ve said many times I don’t really care about longwear formulas (it’s not very sensual to show no signs of life, I think). But it’s fabulous, affordable, and the lucite compact is very chic. As always, cream blush looks just as wonderful when worn on your eyes or lips.

Sunray Pleat Pearl Crème Highlighter – This pinkish highlight looks just as good worn as eyeshadow.

Sunray Pleat Pearl Crème Highlighter
Being a huge sucker for a pink highlight, this little darling is absolutely up every alley I have. It’s got a funny texture, more silicone-y than the cream blushes, not oily or waxy despite actually containing oils and waxes. I’d say it’s a little like the colourpop super shock formula, but more… moist. Either way, this blends into the skin and adds that pinkish sheen without any glitter or weird shimmer particles – it’s just seamless luminosity. An absolute delight.

Radiance Cream – mix this with your foundation or tinted moisturizer for a dewy effect.

Radiance Cream
Again with the highlight. Bear with – this is a tube of what I’d call more of a moisturizer than a strict highlighter. It’s similar to MAC Strobe cream in texture and level of shine, and looks just as good under or over makeup as it does mixed with your base. My favourite way of using this is actually to mix equal parts radiance cream with a medium-coverage foundation for a dewy, sheer base. I like that while this does have a luminous effect, it also feels very hydrating so it’s not grabbing any dry bits.

Sardonyx Fire Body Mist – this is great spritzed into your hair 😉

Fragrance & Body Care
I think we can all agree that body care is an absolute bore, but it helps to use products that smell nice. This is where & Other Stories excels. Somehow, they’ve managed to make a range of body care products that cost next to nothing but smell like a million bucks. My first love in this category was Arabesque Wood, a citrusy and woodsy scent, but now I’m head over heels with Sardonyx Fire. Sardonyx Fire is just sumptuous, rich, a little spicy… just wonderful.

While the body care range includes everything from soaps to body mists (all great), my favourite item is the sugar scrub. It’s just scrubby enough to feel like it makes a difference, and makes your whole bathroom smell heavenly. Just don’t store it in the shower, because the heat will eventually melt the sugar and leave you with a jar of syrup.