I love a good liquid liner. Japanese ones are usually good, even the cheap ones perform…and I really like the brush tip applicators. Felt tips are more common for marker-style liners in the west, but I find they dry out quicker and get misshapen or start shedding. So yeah. I leaped without looking and bought the Fairy Drops Cat Eyeliner, without even checking the reviews.

I don’t know what came over me. I rarely buy anything without checking reviews first, but I was foolish. This eyeliner is the most infuriatingly terrible piece of garbage I’ve ever come across. It looks normal enough – hot pink, cute jewellery illustrations, yada yada. Brush tip as promised. But once you put this sucker to your skin and try to actually draw a line you get… nothing. Literally no colour whatsoever.

I’ve tried shaking it up. I’ve tried letting it sit tip-down in a pencil stand to let the brush saturate with liner. No cigar, this doesn’t perform. Sometimes, it lets out a little hiccup of actual pigment, only for said pigment to vanish mysteriously on the next swipe. What lines you manage to draw with this aren’t even crisp, they’re uneven and bleed and turn grey. Just terrible. I’m court martialing whoever is responsible for this.

THE RUNDOWN – Fairy Drops Cat Eyeliner
Price: $16/14EUR
Size: 1ml/0.034oz
Repurchase? NOT IN THIS LIFE