Rituel de Fille is an indie brand that’s been getting a lot of attention lately, particularly after they launched a black creme blush (which I might need to buy) that went viral. I’ve had my eye on them for a while – I like that their product line is relatively small and focused on creme formulas. No matte liquid lipsticks, no champagne powder highlighters, none of that ultra-trendy stuff I’m so sick of. So of course I had to try them out.

As a creme blush fanatic, I thought I’d start with something simple and easy to wear, so I opted for their Inner Glow Creme Pigment in “Lovesick”, a rosy colour that I thought would look cute on both eyes and lips. I made my order from Cult Beauty since I live in Europe, so I can’t say anything about the shopping experience from the brand’s own website.

The packaging is glossy black with a silver logo and star constellation design, very occult-chic and witchy. I live for that stuff so the aesthetic is very up my alley. It’s a fairly small compact, but sturdy and has a decent mirror. The first thing you notice when snapping this blush open, though, is the fragrance.

This is where we may have a problem, since this contains lavender oil, an ingredient I’m not best friends with. It’s not overpowering, but it’s definitely noticeable – and if you have an allergy or sensitivity to essential oils it may be worth getting a sample to check your tolerance. And honestly, if you’re gonna add scent to a product I’d rather it be lavender than some ghastly fruit or caramel scent. Either way, my skin is fairly non-reactive so I didn’t have any problems wearing it, but it’s worth noting nonetheless. My bigger concern was that this would break me out, since it is a classic oil-and-wax formula, but I did just fine. Phew.

The formula is surprisingly firm, not at all as emollient as other creme blushes I’ve tried – it almost feels clay-like, and somehow reminds me of oil paint. You’d think this would make it less user-friendly, but it actually blends out beautifully and sets to a very skin-like satin finish without disturbing your foundation (at least not the one I used..!). It’s easy to build up, really foolproof I’d say. I’ve applied it to both cheeks and eyes with varying intensity and beautiful results.

As blush it wore for a long time (say 8 hours or so…with moderate fading, but it was still there when I drunkenly washed off my makeup at 5 am), but on my notoriously greasy (and primer-resistant) eyelids it creased and wore off in a couple of hours. I love creased eyeshadow so I don’t mind, plus I’ve literally never had an eyeshadow stay crease-free for more than four hours. My application method of choice is fingers, because washing brushes is a chore I don’t care to perform, and the heat from your skin helps soften the product. Oh, and it’s kind of glamorous, I think. Romantic. Release a bit of oxytocin while you’re painting your face, why not! Am I making sense?

Anyway, this blush is gorgeous, the colour is very flattering, it’s easy to use, I have no complaints other than the lavender oil. And that’s a very minor complaint. Consider me a convert to the coven of Rituel de Fille. When do we perform the human sacrifices under the full moon? Should I bring my own ceremonial dagger? Please get in touch with me to work out the details.

Price: $29/26.5EUR
Size: 3.8g/0.13oz
Pros: Unique formula, beautiful packaging, easy to use, performs perfectly, love the colour, joining the cult, buying the t-shirt etc
Cons: Fairly pricy, contains my nemesis lavender oil
Repurchase? Yes! Repurchase, Blood sacrifice, Witches’ Sabbath, the whole shebang.