[Disclaimer: This review contains press samples]

I had the pleasure of speaking to a Loelle representative at a recent event, and they were kind enough to give me this face oil to try. Loelle is a natural and organic beauty brand from Stockholm that specializes in oils, with several pure oils and blends in their lineup for a variety of uses. I’ve been very curious about rosehip seed oil for a while – I can’t remember when or where I first heard of it – but it seemed like the right fit for my skin type.

It’s lightweight and has gentle antioxidant properties, and doesn’t clog pores. Plus, it’s fairly inexpensive! If this particular brand is out of your budget or inaccessible, rosehip seed oil is fairly easy to find in health food shops and often costs a few dollars at most. This one is a little more premium so you can definitely find a more affordable option. The Loelle packaging is a tinted glass with a dropper, typical for oil serums. There’s something about a dropper that I just really like.

I started using the oil nightly, using 4-5 drops that I massaged into the skin after my serum. It’s very quick-absorbing so it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy, only soft and conditioned. It doesn’t really have much of a scent either. After the oil, I follow with my moisturizer as usual. After a few weeks of use I’ve also started using this during the day, in the same manner as during the night. I was a little worried using it twice daily would be too heavy for my oily skin but I’ve had no ill effects. The result is skin that is soft, radiant and moisturized without feeling greasy or heavy. I’m sure you can use this to blend with a base product for a smoother application, but I haven’t tried it myself.

Now, it could just be that the weather is better but I really do think this has made a difference in how my skin looks and feels – I’ve had fewer breakouts than normal and also seen an improvement in the lustre of my skin. For me, rosehip seed oil is a favourite that’s become a staple in my skincare cupboard.

Price: $14/12EUR
Size: 30ml/1oz
Pros: Quick-absorbing, radiance-boosting, acne-friendly. You can tell it’s a high quality oil!
Cons: Nothing.
Repurchase? Yes. I love her.