This spring, Glossier launched a selection of cream blushes called Cloud Paints. I’m a huge fan of cream blush, so of course I was very curious about them. Out of the four colours, I had a hard time choosing just one but I landed on Haze because it’s a blush colour I don’t have already. It’s a cool-toned berry shade, part of a spectrum that Glossier claims to be inspired by sunsets. Hence the name Cloud Paint, I suppose. I’d really like to be the kind of person who could buy all of them (I imagine you could mix them like paints to make different shades) but for now, one will do.

Unlike most cream blushes, these are silicone-based (if you’re familiar with the Daniel Sandler liquid blushes, they’re similar in formula) so the texture is lighter than the oil-and-wax base of other cream blushes. If you’re not a fan of silicones for whatever reason, you might not like these. The packaging looks just like a little tube of paint, which an art kid like me really loves, and the gel texture makes me think of ice cream topping. It’s a little runnier than I expected, so I had a little trouble dispensing the right amount at first. A little goes a very long way, so start with a pinhead amount and then build up.

On the face, these do apply a little like watercolours with a translucent wash of colour that can be built up layer by layer. You’re encouraged to use these like “finger paint”, so I’ve only used my fingers to apply and blend it in. It’s pretty easy to use, I haven’t had any trouble at all. It blends really easily and doesn’t “ball up” like some silicone products do. The final result is rather like other cream blushes, more radiant than a powder. It sort of melts into the skin. I think this is a little more vibrant than traditional cream blushes, but by no means more difficult to use.

In all, I really like the cloud paint – it’s cute, different, and I live for blush. It’s also easy to use not only as a blush but works great on eyes and lips as well. If you’re interested in trying something like this but don’t feel like going through the hassle of ordering from the US or shelling out 18 bucks, you can actually get a similar effect by using a silicone-based liquid lipstick like the Maybelline Vivid Mattes!

Price: $18/16EUR
Size: 10ml/0,33oz
Pros: Practical packaging, easy to use, good pigmentation
Cons: A little goes a long way, so there’s a risk of overdispensing.
Repurchase? Yes.