An extra-long post after an extra-long wait! It’s finally summer, the end of the term is nearing, and life is in some sort of limbo state where everything feels in-between and unstable. At the same time, the sudden appearance of the sun (my old frenemy…) makes me want to do nothing but smother myself in spf 50 and laze about reading questionable literature in a park or whatever. Here are some overdue highlights.

Lauren Greenfield has been photographing the surreal lives of the ultra-rich for the past 25 years

This essay on the relationship between woman and machine is a must read

Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict lists the most influential lingerie trends of the last decade – I adore lingerie and am working on a way to include it as a blog topic here. I think lingerie and cosmetics have a lot in common.

Pat McGrath discusses her brand and the future of the beauty industry

YSL Colour Amplifier

Customizable cosmetics seem to be sticking around for a while longer – YSL’s new Colour Amplifiers remind me of CMYK printing

The big trends of 2017 as predicted by make up artists – do you agree? Which looks do you like best?

Meet the artisans making perfume out of rain

How does one break into fashion? Vestoj’s Anja Aronowsky Cronberg shares her journey


Shiseido’s Modern Art Calligraphy cream shadows look stunning – one of numerous cream shadow launches this year.

How eyeliner defines my womanhood

‘Moody Girls’ hair dye encourages frequent colour changes – I’m leaning towards going pink for a while, myself.

One of my favourite films of last year, “The Handmaiden” by Park-Chan Wook is beautifully reviewed on The Economist 


image: Allure

Notable beauty looks on this year’s fall runways

Trans & Non-Binary creatives discuss their relationships to beauty

Dove’s foolish “real body bottle” campaign receives much-deserved criticism and ridicule. Ads like these are so painfully out-of-touch.

While I think some of the contents of this post are questionable, it’s fascinating to see 1800 millennial women describe their beauty perspectives and routines

Inspo: The summery, sapphic illustrations of Antonio Lopez

3 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS #6

  1. Kashayas

    Shiseido Modern Art Calligraphy cream shadows ser verkligen härliga ut!


  2. Sana

    Seriously your blog is my favourite on the whole internet. Your texts are so well-written and thoughtful and these highlight posts are so fun and needed for someone like me who doesn’t follow the beauty buzz/news.
    How did you learn to write so good?! And are there any beauty blogs that YOU feel inspiring? I haven’t found any other as good as this one.
    Ok, that’s all.


    1. Saffron

      What a wonderful comment, thank you so much!! It means a lot to hear such praise. I don’t know how I learned to write, it just kind of happens haha… my friends’ blogs always inspire me, but they’re all in swedish! I love Jia Tolentino’s writing for New York Times, and Arabelle Sicardi’s work. They’re not bloggers though.


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