Brand Overview: M Picaut Body Care

[DISCLAIMER: All products in this review were received as press samples]

I had the opportunity to try out some products from Swedish eco label M Picaut – and you probably know by now that this “green beauty” stuff isn’t my cup of tea, but at the same time I’m always willing to give something new a try. And I’m glad I did! These body care products were a pleasant surprise.

The products I tried were the “Happy Sparkling Body Wash”, “Créme de la Créme Body Lotion” and “Goodness Glow Dry Body Oil”. These names are quite a mouthful… A central ingredient to the line is sea buckthorn oil, which is a personal favourite – a non-comedogenic, light oil that should be good for any skin type.

They all have the same scent, lemon myrtle, which I think smells like lemongrass. It’s really delicious and refreshing, especially when you’re in the shower trying not to fall asleep. Low blood pressure, you know. The shower gel is kind of runny which is my only complaint – it’s easy to over-dispense. I think if you swapped the packaging between the shower gel and the lotion it’d be easier. It’s only mildly lathering, and doesn’t feel very drying on the skin which is nice.

Of the moisturizing products, my favourite is the body oil. It smells amazing, absorbs well into the skin and doesn’t feel too slippery. The pump bottle is lockable, very handy for clumsy people like myself. I did’t think I’d ever like a body oil but I guess I do! It makes your skin feel really soft and fragrant. By the way, I’ve more than once had the impulse to pour this oil on my salad and eat it…

The lotion is nice too, and feels a little richer. I don’t use it as much as the oil since it’s a little richer than my skin really needs (I get a dry spot like once a year…) though if I’m feeling extra fancy I might use the lotion over the oil as an extra softening layer.

I’m usually a cheapskate when it comes to body care (right now I’m using H&M products, in a sickly sweet scent… I bought them in a fit of madness, apparently.) but trying something a little more luxurious once in a while is really nice! I’ve already started rationing the body oil because I’m halfway through the bottle.

Price range: High. Body care ranges from 22.9-49EUR/25-55USD
Pros: Smells amazing, performs well, eco-friendly.
Cons: Expensive, packaging on the shower gel over-dispenses.
Referral program? No.
Reorder? The oil, if I can afford it!

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