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Since my last post about youtube channels, I’ve realized I didn’t really cover all my favourites. There are so many other channels I love! And they deserve attention as well. So here are some more!

This channel is run by a skincare aficionado named Chris, and he does very thorough and frequent reviews of the things he’s using and trying. His approach is spiritual and serene without being fluffy.

This is a little different for me – a channel dedicated to natural and organic beauty. I’m not interested in these kinds of product in general, in fact I’m a huge skeptic – but I really like these reviews. Plus, her dry sense of humour is really funny.

Stephanie Nicole
I suspect most people follow her already, but I absolutely adora Stephanie Nicole’s channel. She’s the most thorough reviewer I’ve seen – her videos are long and info-dense, with spreadsheets and everything. Her takedown of J*ffree St*r is legendary.

I think this is the channel I’ve been following for th e longest time out of the ones I’ve featured. It’s run by a girl called Cora who does primarily beauty-related videos with both skincare and makeup, with reviews, tutorials and swatches. Once in a while there’s a plus-size fashion video as well!

Rian Phin
Not stritcly a beauty channel, Rian does a lot of personal,cute & casual videos featuring everything from thrifting guides to beauty reviews and funny anecdotes from their life. I really love their personality too, and they have many interesting critical perspectives on things like consumer ethics and feminism.

Ok, so now I think I’ve listed all my favourites. If you have a channel you like – maybe one that isn’t super well known already – please let me know!

2 thoughts on “More Youtube Gems

  1. den pyttelilla gudinnan

    Klaire de lys is my all time fave! She does everything from “normal” beauty looks to fantasy characters and gory sfx, and also some crafting like decorating jars and drawing. She has a lot of unique looks and often uses different techniques compared to many other youtubers, which is both interesting and refreshing. I have learned so much from her and she is such an inspiration and multi-talent. She also writes fantasy books and sings!


    1. Saffron

      Wow, I’ll check her out!! I love sfx makeup.


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