Having a bad day while in walking distance of a Chanel counter has proven to be risky to say the least. I was only supposed to buy one thing, but I bought three (Two eye stylos, which I will review in a separate post). Oops.

I can’t believe I used to make fun of her. Now she owns my soul.

My main object of desire was the Rouge Allure Ink liquid lipstick. Now, I’m not a fan of liquid lipsticks, I think they’re both unglamorous and uncomfortable (unusually it’s one or the other, not both!). But I am a fan of Kristen Stewart. She looks really hot in the ad! And the formula sounded promising. So there.

I picked ‘Experimenté’ which is the darkest shade, a deep blue-based red. Can I just say that the packaging is awesome? It’s a frosted glass bottle with a black plastic cap that has a metal bezel at the top, engraved with the Chanel logo. Super fancy and luxurious to say the least. The applicator is a slim doefoot, pretty standard for liquid lip products.

You can see both the texture and colour in this swatch. The other swatches are eye pencils in ‘noir petrole’ and ‘eros’

The actual product is a fairly thin liquid, I wouldn’t say it’s as watery as ink but it’s on the thinner side as far as liquid lipstick goes. Not mousse-like at all. In many ways it’s completely different from your run-of-the-mill matte liquid lip. I appreciate that, Chanel. The application is pretty foolproof – lip lines can be a little tricky with a doefoot, but this actually works really well with a lip liner. (I use a cheap nyx one with this. scandalous.) The colour is even and dense, I have basically no complaints about the formula. Best of all? No scent. No taste. Just colour. Halleluja, Amen.

In terms of wear time, Rouge Allure Ink is pretty standard and compares to a regular matte lipstick. It wears off in a flattering way, not crusty or dry-looking, it fades more like a stain. This won’t survive a sand-blasting like a normal matte liquid lipstick, so you will need to reapply after eating. I think reapplying lipstick is chic so I don’t mind that at all.

By the way, you can use a lip liner as a base for this to alter the shade – I darken mine slightly with a burgundy lip pencil, but you could just as well warm it up by using a more yellow-red base or lighten it with pink.

I’m just noticing my camera lens was dirty when I took these. Ugh.

This is one of the better liquid lipstick formulas I’ve tried – comparable to the Armani Lip Magnet (which I’m actually going to marry once the law allows) but with cuter packaging and a less practical applicator. I’m curious to see how the Sephora lip “stain” compares to my two luxury favourites (would there be interest in a comparison or dupe post? I have several product dupes in different categories and thought I might do a series. Let me know.)

Price: $37/35.5EUR
Size: 6ml/0,20oz
Pros: Intensely and evenly pigmented, pretty packaging, comfortable, wears nicely
Cons: Expensive, conventional shade range
Repurchase? I would! Armani’s version is a tiny bit better in my opinion, but the Chanel packaging is cuter. That’s how shallow I am.