[DISCLAIMER: This post contains press samples and referral links]

Lipstick is by far my favourite beauty product, but it’s not enough to just paint your lips in fun colours and be done with it. I want my lips to be soft, smooth and comfortable at all times – and that’s where lip treatments are important. I’m not using the term balm here because a balm is not the be-all end-all of lip care – there are scrubs, serums, masks… all sorts of lip-related gimmicks.

I thought I’d share some of my favourites.

From left: Clinique Sweet Pot Sweet Rose, Verso Lip Serum, By Terry Baume De Rose Crystalline, Lanolips 101 Ointment, Akademikliniken Pure Lip Intense Berry, Dior Lip Sugar Scrub


I bought this because it looked cute. It’s like a little sci fi macaron, with one side filled with a sugar scrub, the other with a lightly tinted balm. It’s not the most effective balm in the world, but it’s SO cute. Sue me, I’m shallow.


This was one of the samples handed out at Daisy Beauty Expo, and I was really pleasantly surprised when what I thought was a plain balm turned out to A. Be bright red and B. Smell and taste like raspberry drops. It’s a very thin, glossy stain-like texture with salicylic acid and antioxidants as its active ingredients.


Unavailable in Sweden as of yet (a shame) this is 100% lanolin, a.k.a wool fat. Needless to say this product is not vegan. This stuff goes a very long way and I just love the cute tube complete with adorable long-lashed sheep mascot. You an easily find other lanolin ointments at pharmacies and beauty supplies – it’s often sold as nipple cream!


This is more like a gloss texture than a balm, though still very emollient and rich. It has that old-fashioned makeup smell I’m obsessed with, and is perfect smoothed over a particularly drying lipstick. I’ve busted up mine by getting lipstick on the applicator.

VERSO LIP SERUMDaisy Beauty Awards Lippie of the Year!

Verso is a Swedish skincare brand based on a patented retinoid, so of course there’s retinol in this as well. Do my lips need retinol? Probably not. Do I want it anyway? YES. This stuff also contains salicylic acid, so it will help keep flakiness at bay.


Another Daisy Beauty Expo sample, I was sceptical of this scrub at first but was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t look gritty enough to get the job done, but sure enough, it gets rid of gross dry flaky bits AND tastes like candy canes. And it’s pink.


One of my favourite balm products is the Glossier Balm DotCom (I have a 20%off referral link if you want to try it), but mine was tragically lost under mysterious circumstances. I favour the pink, rose-scented version because duh, pink and rosy. If you’re not inclined to spend $12 on a lip balm just because it’s cute, Aquaphor is a tried-and-true cure for chapped lips that has basically the same formula as Balm DotCom – the holy trinity of Lanolin, Beeswax and Mineral Oil that I like to see in a balm.