More Vintage Beauty Treasures

One of my earliest posts is a little collection of vintage beauty products and packaging, and I have two new additions to the family! Well, I actually got these last fall, but they’re new to you.

Most of my collection from the previous post were purchased on a summer trip to see my friend Mika in Karlskrona, a beautiful navy town in the southern part of Sweden. I think Mika must have some sort of wonderful dark magic attached to him, because wouldn’t you know it – when he came to visit me in Stockholm he brought me a beautiful vintage Stratton compact! (I was very excited about the Stratton engraving on the inner lid.)

It’s a sifter compact for loose powder – not a convertible. Stratton compacts are popular with collectors because there are so many different styles, many of which have the same sizes so you can swap sifters, puffs, and pans between them.

This still has powder and sifter inside, which always delights me. I used this guide to date it to, and this is my guess based on the design and back pattern, the 1940s or possibly early 50s.

When we met up, we stopped by my favourite vintage shop, Epok (which is beautiful and well worth the visit if you’re ever in my neck of the woods) and once again – there was a very familiar compact in the window. Oh yes. I’d found a bewitching little art deco compact by Houbigant in Karlskrona – and now I found her more gracefully-aged sister.

The same exact 30s-era miniature compact, but nearly new. The powder has barely been touched, and the puff is absolutely pristine. It still smells amazing. Can you believe it?!

Inside, the puff is barely stained with powder and looks like it hasn’t been touched.

The powder inside still has the original embossing which matches the pattern on the compact. It’s very typical art deco-era in terms of style, and I know from an old advertisement that this product was around in 1928.

Please share your own vintage beauty finds with me if you have any : )


2 thoughts on “More Vintage Beauty Treasures

  1. Smulis

    Min mamma har ett gäng gamla puderdosor hemma, den vackraste har en sorts infattning av påfågelfjäder och som ett emblem (vet tbh inte vad metallbit med specifik form heter lol) av Cristo Redentor. Minns även att jag som barn provade det på mitt ansikte vilket förskräckte min mor. Hon skulle bara köpt min modernt smink helt enkelt! Ska försöka ta bild på dessa dosor nästa gång jag besöker min mor!


    1. Saffron

      öhhh påfågelfjäder?! låter fantastiskt och jag kräver bilder!!!


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