I’m not exactly proficient at nail art, but after seeing so many cute designs I thought I could at least attempt something. I’m really obsessed with red and pink, it’s been my favourite colour combo for years now and luckily it’s very on-trend! Valentine’s day is coming up, and while the holiday itself is an off-putting celebration of the prison that is heterosexual romance, I do adore the cute aesthetic.

I used three H&M nail polishes, which I quite like – the colour range and quality is great, especially at the price point. I like the smaller bottles since I tend to switch colours a lot and bigger bottles always dry out before I can finish them. For the base, I used ‘Ice Cold Milk’ which is a milky white as the name suggests. It’s not the best white polish on the market by any means, you need a LOT of layers to make it look somewhat opaque.

Incidentally, milky white nails are hot right now so a colour like this on its own looks chic enough. Once the white base had dried completely, I free-handed strokes and blobs of red (You Say Tomato) and pink (Sweetheart) for a modern art-vibe. I don’t want to get too fussy or intricate with nails – I don’t have the skills, the patience or the taste for it. The topcoat is Essie’s Gel Setter. I hope I’ll be seeing more if this colour scheme!