[DISCLAIMER: All products in this post were received as press samples.]

Day two of Daisy Beauty expo was dedicated to exhibitors and PR representatives from various beauty brands, offering everything from facials and skin analyses to hand massages and manicures. I only had a skin analysis done, which was fun since I love tech gadgets and statistics (the final chart looked like a weave draft, which goes to show how damaged I am), but aside from that I was too PMS-y and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of exhibitors and samples to sit down and have a treatment done – in retrospect it might actually have helped me calm down a little. It was a wonderful way to be overwhelmed, though – being surrounded by people who have the same passion in life as you!

The venue was so beautifully decorated with different rooms and booths in a labyrinth-like funhouse of beauty. It was a little like falling through the rabbit hole and going on a treasure hunt all at once. My favourite rooms were Garnier, who had somehow got an olive tree through the door, and L’Oreal had built a fake apartment complete with a bathroom and view of paris. There was even a model lounging about in a robe drinking champagne – so glamorous! Dior was another favourite, with a beautiful “backstage area”-like setup with the best selfie lighting in the building.

In terms of sheer human contact, Akademikliniken were informative and serene as they introduced themselves and their products, and the representative for Ellos and Makiash really took the time to chat about ingredients and favourite products. I did my skin analysis with Eucerin and had a really nice conversation with them about cosmetic chemistry (am I a nerd?) and Palina impressed with their passion for their work and down-to-earth attitude. (I told them my face produced enough oil to run a fast food franchise and they mercifully laughed along, even though I wasn’t funny at all!)

I’d been warned beforehand to bring along a suitcase to carry samples, and let’s just say I vastly underestimated the volume of product I ended up taking home. My bag was too small, so I got quite a workout carrying bags of beauty products – a great way of working up a sweat in my opinion! Perhaps someone can develop a beauty-based workout regime, I’d sign up immediately. I’ll be reviewing much of the loot I received at the expo over the coming weeks (or months, if I’m being honest). Overall, the big trends in products being promoted were;

Many brands have been pushing oils for face, hair and body over the past few years, and this trend shows no sign of stopping. Oils for the body and face dominated the skincare category at the expo, from the M Picaut lemon myrtle-scented dry body oil (spoiler alert: I really like it), Eucerin’s Elasticity+ Filler face oil, Akademikliniken’s exciting new Glow Oil (packed with Vitamin C, which incidentally has a very distinct metallic smell that I actually love), Rosenserien’s Body Oil (pitched not only as a body oil..but as a “love” oil – no comment!) and Anne Marie Börlind’s Orange Blossom Energizer – to only mention a few.

The masking trend is undeniable, and I must admit I love me a good mask. New skincare launch Palina (previously only selling colour cosmetics) sent along two masks in their sample bag, and Dior included a miniscule mask in theirs. Anne Marie Börlind’s anti-aging cream mask is offered in a very postmodern-looking sphere-within-a-cube jar, and M Picaut’s new Malachite mask tapped into both the copper and gemstone trends in skincare.

In the winter months, our hands suffer a chapped and cracked fate thanks to the cold weather, so it was unsurprising to see so many hand treatments on offer. Many booths offered hand massages and treatments – Garnier, Cinq Mondes, Rosenserien and L’Occitane, for example – and many added hand creams to their sample bags.

Natural & Organic
The “green” beauty trend shows no sign of stopping, especially not here in the eco-obsessed north. Anne Marie Börlind, Rosenserien and M Picaut are all outright marketed as natural and organic, but the heavy hitting L’Oreal and Garnier both introduced products as eco-conscious and naturally-sourced. Apoteket introduced their new makeup line as hypoallergenic and I appreciated their stance on microplastics during their earlier presentation.

As I said I was PMS-ing pretty badly so I think I was probably both rude and strange all day (I don’t know about you, but that time of the month turns my brain into goo!) but I had a great time and didn’t get any restraining orders filed against me so overall, it’s a win. I wish I could do this every weekend!