After all the negativity in my last post, I feel a little guilty. So what better way to fix it than by being a little more positive! I’ve listed my favourite and least favourite trends, now it’s time to list the trends I’d love to see blossom and bear fruit in the coming year.

Weird 00s vibes

If there’s anything to remember about the millenium era, it’s that it was highly questionable, aesthetically. The future was now, so brands really pushed the envelope and released glitter gels to wear all over your body, blue lip gloss and super-frosty eye products. Mostly, it was ugly. But it was also pretty cool. I’m ready for more ugly-cool – bring on the butterfly clips, silver eyeshadow and lip balm rings with glitter.


Fashion is always playing with gender expression, so why shouldn’t beauty? It’s time for men to put down the beard oil and pick up the exfoliants and rouge compacts. It’s time to stop raising eyebrows at men who take an interest in “girl stuff” or don’t conform to the constraining nonsense that is masculinity. If men were more like women, I’d like them a lot better.


While ombre lips, sculpted faces and complex cut crease eye looks all look amazing and are very technically impressive, there’s something charming about wearing solid colours. You can go for a sharp contrast or soft wash of colour that ties in with your whole look – sharp cobalt liner with matching lashes, or a gentle monochrome look with eyes, lips and cheeks all the same delicate shade. Pick a colour and run with it.


Many of us have seen interesting alternative materials in beauty – from Lisa Eldridge’s gel patches to the decoupage-esque dried flowers laid against faces and decolletés. Grab some sequins, stickers, confetti, foil, plastic, beads, crystals… and use lash glue to attach them to your pretty little face.


Perhaps most importantly, what I would like to see more of than anything else is criticism. Not only of product quality but of the marketing techniques used, the designs, the reasoning behind product development, the way beauty makes us think and feel about ourselves and others, the ethical issues of the industry… it’s a long list. Beauty is a culture, and no culture can survive without internal criticism. Beauty is affected by capitalism, classism, racism, homo- and transphobia, and most of all – sexism. Let’s not forget that. And let’s remember to disclose sponsored content correctly.

What beauty trends would you like to see in the future?