The year is finally coming to an end – it’s been a big year in beauty with many strange trends emerging (or, well, things that are called trends even though it’s only one or two people doing it) so I thought I’d round up the trends I loved, the trends I hated, and the trends I’d like to see realized in 2017. Here’s my first list: Trends that should stay. Forever.


We’ve seen a growing interest in multi-use products, with many creative alternative uses for beauty products. One of my favourites is using lipstick for lips, cheeks and eyes! How safe is it to use lipstick on your eyelids? Probably not super safe. But it looks adorable. I’m wearing this look as I’m typing this. Let’s continue experimenting in the coming year.

Soft base

Sheer, light base products with a skin-like finish are increasingly popular, much to my delight. I love the look of minimal skin – you can conceal and even out your complexion where needed, but a full-coverage matte foundation feels terribly heavy and dated. Bring on the tinted moisturizer!


Multicolour highlight

I more or less hate strobing, but let me tell you about what kind of highlight I do like: soft, feathered, and suprisingly multi-coloured. More brands are launching highlighters (often creams, which is the best kind) with coloured shifts. Instead of the classic silvers, golds and bronzes, these shift in reds, pinks, greens and blues – resulting in a surprising flash of colour that only shows in certain light. It’s subtle and powerful all at once, and can be dressed down or up.

Low-maintenance eyebrows

When I say “instagram eyebrows”, everyone knows what I mean – anastasia brow pomade, nars radiant creamy concealer two shades too light and a super-sculpted result. However, brands and artists are starting to pare down the brow look – more bushy, only slightly groomed and the pomade is traded for a brush-in wax. The result is an effortless but expressive brow.


We owe a lot to chanel this year – they didn’t invent this trend, but they sure cemented it with their all-red collection featuring reds from lips to eyes and cheeks. Red eyeshadow is some of the most expressive and impactful, and it’s a bold colour choice that more and more consumers are ready to make. It’s my favourite colour, and it looks good on everyone.

What are your favourite trends in beauty?