Isn’t that quite a name!

Finnish brand Lumene has recently gone through a redesign of its packaging, branding and concept. Previously, they’ve been a little stale and unimaginative with a really aged brand identity. That has changed drastically. The new logo and packaging are beautiful and feel very up to date, and many of the new products look promising. This mask was my first purchase from the new lineup. (Note that the name of this mask seems to have changed!)

Lähde means “spring” (as in a spring of water) so already you have an idea of this skincare line – refreshing hydration. The mask is sold in a pretty box with foil detailing, inside which a huge plastic jar sits. The size and format of the packaging is similar to the Peter Thomas Roth masks, as is the idea of a gel formula. I’ve tried most of the PTR masks, so I thought it would be a good point of reference since they’ve been around for a while. The Lumene mask is much thicker, more like a jelly than a gel. I use a little plastic spatula to dispense product as jars can be really unhygienic if you keep digging your fingers into it. You can shake the jar around a little and the contents jiggle hilariously. I spent a good few minutes jiggling. Sue me. #SKINCARETAINMENT.

Either way, the thick texture isn’t a problem for me personally, it feels nice and cool on the skin and is easy to spread evenly (it doesn’t break apart like real jelly might) and you don’t need a lot. A teaspoon’s worth, maybe two. The box says to apply generously and leave on for 5-10 minutes OR a thin layer overnight. I went with the thin layer overnight method. You’d think it’d be the other way around, thick layer overnight and thin for a short time. I say go thin no matter the occasion. I don’t think slathering on a thick layer of any mask is gonna give you any more benefit, only waste product!

After use, I found my skin was definitely hydrated – the formula is a tried-and-true glycerin-urea-hyaluronic combo with a bunch of solvents,emulsifiers,preservatives, a few plant extracts and fragrance. A lot of fragrance. And this is where my issue lies. I love perfume… but not on my face, thank you. Yes, fragrance in skincare is more or less unavoidable but some are more offensive than others. This particular mask is one of the most intensely scented skincare products I’ve tried. It’s on the same level of intense as Sensai Cellular Performance Day Cream, which many of us are familiar with. It smells nice, but the amount of fragrance is enough to irritate my more or less un-irritate-able skin. This is the first time I’ve actually felt the perfume in something – it literally makes my face itch.

So, unfortunately, I don’t think I could buy this again. It hydrates nicely and has a very appealing price tag, but the smell is just too strong to use on the face in my opinion. Despite this product being a bit of a dud, I’m still really impressed with Lumene’s initiative to freshen up their brand and will be shopping with them again soon. They’ve really been making good changes, like introducing darker base shades.

Price: $17/16EUR
Size: 150ml/5.1oz
Pros: Hydrating, fun texture, very affordable.
Cons: Extremely overperfumed. Generic formula.
Repurchase? Not until they take the fragrance out of it or reduce it drastically.