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Almost a month ago, I was in London over the weekend and of course paid a few visits to beauty stores and counters. I ended up shopping less than I was anticipating, actually, so this isn’t some kinda mega-haul.

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First up is KIKO, a brand that is available in Sweden too but I hadn’t had the opportunity to check it out. It’s on the lower end of mid-range in terms of price, and I’d heard a lot of good things about their products. When I saw this blush duo in a chocolate-shaped case I just had to buy it! I just adore cute stuff. The blushes are beautiful on the skin, I really have no complaints in terms of quality.

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The other thing I got from KIKO is this red eye pencil. It’s a orangey-red, a colour I’m currently obsessed with, and it’s beautifully creamy. It’s a little smudgier than I’d prefer, but the colour more than makes up for it. Red is possibly my favourite colour for eye makeup, I just love the way it looks.


Then it was on to NARS. We have this brand in Sweden too, but not the full range of products. The Covent Garden store stocks some shades that are location-exclusive too, like this Audacious lipstick in ‘Marisa’, a beautiful hot pink. The Audacious formula is intensely pigmented and smooth, but we all knew that already. The colour is really nice but I always look like I need to bleach my teeth when I wear hot pink!

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Then I got more of that red-orange. I’m just obsessed with it. This is one of those shades that I couldn’t find at my local Sephora, it’s a bright rusty orange called ‘Persia’ and I adore it.

london_16 london_17

The UK is home to Space NK, a luxury beauty retailer that stocks several brands that are unavailable where I live. So I had to go there too. They do ship to Sweden but you can’t swatch anything online! The brands I was most interested in were Hourglass and Kevyn Aucoin.

Sadly, the Hourglass product I wanted was sold out (Yes, it was the ambient lighting powder in ‘Dim Light’. I’m a sheep.), but I did get my paws on the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder in ‘Light’. I’m not big on contouring, but a tiny bit of sculpting never hurts. It just needs to be subtle!

london_13 london_14

The powder is appropriately cool-toned, and so blendable it becomes near-undetectable which is exactly what you want. It’s a tiny compact with a big price tag, but it’s Kevyn Aucoin, so I’ll live… and a little goes a long way.

I also popped into the Charlotte Tilbury store but it was so crowded I couldn’t stay in there long enough to actually browse the products, it just felt too anxiety-inducing and cramped. I’m really hoping they’ll open a counter here in Stockholm someday so I can swatch my lipsticks in peace!

3 thoughts on “London shopping

  1. Karin -

    Är också så fruktansvärt sugen på hourglass-pudret. Har inbillat mig att det är PRECIS vad min torra hud behöver. Synd dock att det inte finns i Sverige, känns svårmotiverat att köpa en så dyr produkt utan att ens ha fått swatcha. Ack ack, att man inte bor på kontinenten.


    1. Saffron

      Ja, jag tyckte de andra färgerna var lite för skimriga men ‘dim light’ var fin 🙂 Har faktiskt hört att make up revolution ska ha en dupe i sin radiance-palett så är sugen på att köpa båda och jämföra (för borgerlig som jag är vill jag ju ha lyxvarianten haha…)


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