Weekend, #4

As someone who is really interested in cosmetic history and chemistry, this video from national geographic is a fun look at the ingredients of lipstick. Then he tries making it himself!

The ‘Clean Eating’ trend is putting young people at risk of developing eating disorders. I don’t think there’s anything healthy about a controlled diet where foods are referred to as ‘unclean’ or in other ways tied to guilt and shame.

On the topic of this awful health fad, Deliciously Stella hilariously parodies the zealous health freaks of instagram.

Shiseido’s new PLAYLIST line. Note the interlocking lipsticks! The eye pen and sickle-shaped liner look interesting too.

Shiseido launches new sub-brand called PLAYLIST. The brand has a really tech-inspired vibe to me, with sleek silver packaging and tutorial videos.

More sunscreen facts and fictions set straight by Stephen on The Klog.

Shu Uemura Holiday 2016 eye palettes.

Of all the (inevitably premature) holiday launches so far, Shu Uemura’s collab with Takashi Murakami is my favourite. Just look at those bright colours and cute packaging! (and I think this might be the first holiday-edition sunscreen I’ve seen. Awesome.)

‘La Naissance de Venus’ by I.D Sarrieri

I’m a huge fan of lingerie, and am thinking of adding some posts about it on this site – I think lingerie and beauty share many traits like intimacy and tactility. I do realize that it’s a little crass to post a photo of a skinny model after discussing EDs but let’s just focus on the beautiful blue lace… This (600+ euro) set by ID Sarrieri is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life. (If you’re interested in lingerie, you have to follow The Lingerie Addict.)

Love the idea of using a lip tint as a multi-use product.


I treated myself to this lipstick-patterned phone case by Emma Kisstina. Super cute right!

Inspo: Sharp & Geometric
I just love the sharp angles in these eye looks.

tumblr_nqsh1dv5hv1uoz2ewo1_500 tumblr_nxxes8podd1uscofmo1_1280 120d9f7c79c1dd981f6b3a7016fc6dc124f9a14ed11ba0aee71ad07539ff2f18

4 thoughts on “Weekend, #4

  1. Liselotte

    Tack för Clean Eating-punkten!
    (eller, tack för alla dessa läsvärda sammanfattningar 🙂 – men den där har jag själv försökt marknadsföra länge nu: http://liselotte.livskick.nu/2014/08/20/ren-mat-eller-rent-helvete/)


    1. Saffron

      Ja jag blir så upprörd över all hets kring mat! Samhället är ätstört.


  2. Kashayas

    Vad söta Shu Eumura paletterna var.


    1. Saffron

      Eller hur! Önskar att de var lättare att få tag på här i sverige 🙂


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