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I’ve long been an opponent of home fragrance – haunted by overwhelming yankee candle gourmet scents and those creepy automatic air fresheners – but I have, so to speak, been warming up to the idea of a candle or spritz. I’ve caught myself spraying perfume on my pillow before a nap, or sneaking some scented bath products into my bathroom cabinet (you might argue that that doesn’t count as home fragrance, but the steam from the shower does carry the smell of my favourite scrubs and lotions far beyond their designated place.)

Tom Ford ‘Private Blend’ Candles

So now I like it, then. Some of it. Yankee candle need not apply, not now, not ever.

Tom Ford, on the other hand? Yes please. Tom, if you’re reading this, please 1. adopt me as your daughter and 2. send me the full collection of recently-launched Private Blend scented candles.

I’m one of those obnoxious Tuscan Leather fanatics (they say it smells like coke, but I wouldn’t know. To me it smells like a very expensive saddle.) and I did buy the smallest bottle of edp a while back. I’d like to say I use it sparingly, but I don’t. I want everything around me to smell like that expensive saddle. Sadly, the candle is $250. More $$$ than the perfume I own. And with a 30 hour burn time, that comes down to $8.33 an hour. This candle practically earns above US minimum wage!

BYREDO ‘Loose Lips’ LE Candle

A candle that I possibly could afford one day, maybe, if the gods will it, is Loose Lips by BYREDO. I’m a big fan of the brand’s scents, and their candles are still expensive but far from as prohibitive as the Tom Ford. At $80 (but $64.50 in Sweden. Finally a product that’s cheaper here!) they’re luxurious, sure, but oh how nice they smell. Plus, the burn time is closer to 60 hours, which makes this a below-minimum-wage-earning candle. Loose Lips has that very specific scent that I love, it smells exactly like old-fashioned lipstick. Rose, violet, waxy and powdery.

I also love Apocalyptic, which smells like a tragic fire at a grand victorian estate, and Burning Rose, which smells like a tragic fire in the botanical gardens.

MUJI Cedar sticks & humidifier



I’m also very fond of cedarwood. It’s used in closets to keep away moths, but it also smells really lovely. You can get cedar hangers, or cedar blocks, or little cedar rings that you hang around the wire on your clothes hanger. I just love woodsy scents, I’m not big on fruity or floral and you won’t catch me tucking lavender sachets in my wardrobe at any point (lavender is too sharp to me, it almost stings. Maybe it’s because I associate it with skin irritation.) but a bit of cedar is just the ticket. Muji, one of my favourite home decor brands, sometimes sells little cedar sticks for your closet. They also have a really chic humidifier that you can add essential oils to, but I’m not a big fan of essential oils, so I would just use it to keep the air from getting too dry (though I might be persuaded to try sandalwood oil.)

Chikuno Charcoal Cube, a ‘natural’ air deodorizer

If you’d rather be removing scent from your home – perhaps to keep your closets fresh, or keep your fridge from smelling like onions – you can try activated charcoal. Supposedly it absorbs odor. And even if it doesn’t, it looks kind of cool, like an alien artifact.

How do you feel about home fragrance?


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