Weekend, #2

This issue is a little belated, as I was away over the weekend. I visited London for the first time in years, and had a hell of a time even if I may have overdone it with trying to fit as much as possible into each day. Here’s Weekend, issue 2.

Kimberly Clark is one of my favourite youtubers, here’s her latest video in her ‘ANTI-HAUL’ series:

Jeffree Star is the third brand this year (the other two are Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay) to launch a lipstick shaped like an actual bullet. Yawn!

Swedish beauty pioneer Lovette Jallow launched her book Black Vogue, among the first in Europe to cater to dark skin specifically.


Glossier’s new serums look very cute, but I don’t know if I’ll try them. The best-looking formula is the ‘Pure’! If you use my link when shopping, you’ll get a 20% discount.

Keah Brown on high heels and disability.

Young women are apparently obsessed with soft pinks. Myself included.

Inspo: Tangerine

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During my trip to London I bought orangey-red makeup at NARS and KIKO. It’s one of my favourite colours for makeup right now!

Another of my London destinations was Minamoto Kitchoan – a shop specializing in wagashi, beautiful traditional Japanese sweets.


The V&A has an exhibit on past and present lingerie – just up my alley!


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