Weekend, #1

Each weekend I’ll gather up some links, inspo photos and anecdotes as a sort of memento of the past week. Maybe some articles, a recipe, a new product launch that looks promising, some artwork that would translate well to a look – things like that. All very laid-back, of course – the kind of thing you read while your face mask is doing its thing. Here’s issue one of the weekend.

Surratt features a build-your-own palette system

I visited the only store in Scandinavia that carries Surratt, and you can bet everything from the brand is on my wish list. I particularly like the loose powder compact, which features the same technology as vintage sifter compacts!

I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic, missing the days when blogging was not only a casual pastime, but a popular one as well. Are blogs irrelevant? (My friend Eline writes about this here.)

This week, Stephen Alain Ko clears up myths about diffrent types of sunscreen.

The sanitation issues around sheet masks really make me nervous. I love sheet masks but this makes me hesitant to keep using them for fear of contamination! Maybe different brands have different policies. Here’s hoping the ones I like are safe.

Serge Lutens and model, 1972

Lisa Eldridge interviews beauty legend Serge Lutens on her blog. If you can get a sample of his fragrances, please do! They’re gorgeous. My favourite is ‘Laine de Verre’.

DECIEM launched ‘the ordinary’ line, featuring potent ingredients at a very low price point – perhaps proving that you can indeed enjoy the benefits of advanced actives without draining your bank account.

Your beauty products will not kill you.

Dior seems to be switching it up this fall season, launching ‘couture colour’ matte lipsticks in unusual shades like navy blue, bright green and lemon yellow.

Netflix announced season 2 of Stranger Things for 2017. I can’t wait.

I’ve been courting the idea of bento boxes. I’ve gathered several bento-friendly recipes here for reference.

Inspo: Multicolour nails
A lot of photos of cute multicolour manicures have been popping up on pages like pinterest and tumblr. I think these looks are fun and cute, though it seems annoying to have to use so many colours! I’m not great at nail art, but this doesn’t look too tricky for a beginner.

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