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Sheet masks are one of those beauty trends that is blessedly accessible. Nowadays, in the west, you can easily find them at any price point, from $1.50 to $20 and beyond… I haven’t tried a whole bunch myself yet, being picky about both ingredients and price. The average sheet mask contains 23g of essence, which is a generous amount for a single application since a serum bottle is usually 30ml. Despite this, I am a little cheap about it. The My Beauty Diary sheet masks are cult staples, being the #1 selling brand in Taiwan (where they are made). The mask I like best, the Black Pearl one, was voted best sheet mask by the readers of Cosme, a Japanese beauty magazine. This review covers three of the masks in the lineup: Red Wine, Hyaluronic Acid, and Black Pearl. I buy mine at an Asian supermarket in Stockholm where they are 28SEK each, around 3 EUR. You can also buy boxes of 10. If you like a mask, I recommend getting a box so you have them on hand – they’re not expensive after all.

Each mask comes in a standard foil sachet, with both Chinese and English ingredient lists. What impresses me about these is the amount of plant extracts and active ingredients, you really get a lot of bang for your buck. That said, they do contain fragrance and some plant extracts that may bother the very sensitive. I have fairly tough skin so it works for me. Besides, these are a “sometimes” treatment, not a daily one, and that makes me less concerned about prolonged exposure to irritants. DECIEM_1
The mask is folded up and soaked i essence, you can see it dripping in this photo.

All three masks are a water-glycerin-aloe base with different ingredients added like vitamin c and licorice extract. The wine one has red wine and yeast extract, the hyaluronic has hyaluronic acid, the black pearl contains pearl protein. The Wine mask is marketed as anti-aging, the pearl as brightening (unfortunately referred to as ‘whitening’ in Asia) and the Hyaluronic as moisturizing. I found them all hydrating, though! The Wine one smells very strongly of grape and I can’t really see any immediate results. The Hyaluronic did what it claimed, hydrate – but my absolute favourite is the black pearl. This is supposed to even out your skintone and brighten, and it totally does! I find the results immediate. My skin looks radiant and smooth, but the results are short-term so this is a mask I would suggest using before a special occasion for a temporary glow.

Here’s a mask unfolded – you may need to cut it to fit your face shape. The material is not hydrogel, but an artificial silk fiber. Remember to remove the plastic backing!

The masks are to be applied to the face and left on for around 20 minutes, but I leave mine on until it is dry. No use throwing it out when there’s still essence left, I say! The sachet contains surplus essence, and I like to clip it shut and save it for the next day. Then I pop in one of those muji sheet mask tablets and let that soak for around 20min, and voila! A second sheet mask for you to use. Of course, you can just pat the essence in with your hands as well.

I think these masks are definitely worth the money, and I’m excited to try some of the others – the sake one, for example.

Price:  $15/15EUR for 10pc on Amazon
Size: 10 x 23ml each
Pros: Affordable, Hydrating, Fun to use. Black Pearl is very brightening.
Cons: Contain fragrance and other potential irritants. Effects vary and are short-term.
Repurchase? Yes! I’ll be keeping some on hand for those self-care evenings. Especially Black Pearl.

2 thoughts on “Review: My Beauty Diary sheet masks

  1. kashaya

    Älskar sådan masker. Får man fråga var det är du brukar köpa dem? 🙂


    1. Saffron

      Det finns en asiatisk mataffär i hötorgets tunnelbana där de finns vid kassan! De har flera olika och både singel- och flerpack.


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