After much hand-wringing and anxiety, I finally gave in and placed a very diminutive order at Glossier. Though I must clarify: Said hand-wringing was at the trickiness of getting your beauty-hungry hands on products unavailable in your country. I live in Sweden, and Glossier has yet to roll out the international shipping option. But there are ways. I used a forwarding service, which meant a long shipping time and extra fees. Once my order arrived, I was so excited to get my parcel I practically sprinted to the post office.

I think Glossier has a really appealing concept – they’re contemporary, cute and attuned with the social media climate in which they seem to thrive. The website is adorable. Their instagram is adorable. Their customers are adorable. Can you blame me for wanting in? So I made use of their referral discount as well as a free shipping campaign to effectively shave off the cost, even though I don’t think their products are expensive in the least. To American customers their price point may not be that tempting, but as someone who lives in a part of the world where beauty products are prohibitively expensive (often double or triple the US price) the Glossier pricing felt very reasonable, even cheap!

So I picked the boy brow, which seems to be their most hyped product among customers, and the balm dotcom in the rose scent because I am an old lady and also childishly amused by anything pink. Once it arrived, everything looked about as cute as I was hoping. Box lined with pink, pink bubble wrap pouch (which is adorable to the point of clutch purse potential)  and of course, the sticker sheet. (Incidentally, the brand Too Faced recently launched a palette with stickers, likely riding the glossier wave)

Also included was an info card about the new flavoured balms, a poster and of course the products. Packaged in embossed little cardboard boxes with another cardboard protector inside, it all feels very thorough, nearly to the point of excess. Luckily, I love excess. The boy brow comes in a plastic tube, like a skinny mascara sample, and the balm in a metal tube with a plastic coating. It’s not luxurious by any means, but this is in line with the concept so I’m not bothered. Overall, I think Glossier is doing a hell of a job with their aesthetic and digital presence, they manage to appeal to customers who fuss-free cosmetics without sacrificing style.

It’s been almost a month since I received my order, so I’ve had plenty of time to try the products and form an opinion: Click here for my Boy Brow review, and here for my Rose Balm DotCom review. I must say though, I am a little bummed that they launched their highlighter right after I got my order! If I’d been patient I could have tried that at launch.

Price range: Lower/mid – products range from $12 to $26. In Sweden this is “drugstore” level.
Pros: Compelling brand identity, cute packaging, fun shopping experience. Contemporary and down-to-earth. Very trend-conscious. Solid quality.
Cons: Not on the cutting edge in terms of formula, ingreidents or research. Very limited range. US-only so far.
Referral program? Yes, 20% off for referred customer, $10 store credit reward. My link is here.
Reorder? Definitely. I’m dying to try their skincare next, and the highlighter.