In Defense of Skin

The term “full coverage” is one that, in my opinion, should refer to concealer and little else. But the fact is, the trend in recent years among beauty vloggers and, as a result, their millions of viewers is to chase the ideal full-coverage foundation. Now, I am the first person to scoff at the idea of “natural” beauty, but something feels sinister about the whole idea of covering up your skin so you look like a magazine cover model. I want to ask: HEY! What did your skin ever do to you?!

Paired with impossibly well-sculpted eye brows and Kardashian-esque contouring, the full coverage base is possibly my least favourite beauty trend. And that’s because I love skin. Now, by all means, put some concealer on your zits  if it makes you feel better, (I know it makes me feel better…) but there’s not a person on the planet who really needs to cover up what skin is perfectly healthy! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and trust me, it’s almost never broke.

My philosophy in regards to base makeup is a light hand paired with whatever spot-correcting you desire. A natural or dewy finish with sheer coverage, more evening out than covering up, is my cup of tea. The current hot ticket item in this category would be cushion bb creams or foundations, yet another SoKo trend (thankfully?) copied in the west.

Now, it might be easy for me to dismiss full coverage since I don’t have many flecks of my own and I don’t make it my business to tell anyone what to do… but I DO have a rather sizable mole on my cheek which I’ve felt bad about all my life. And that’s the sort of thing you can’t cover up at all, and why should I? It’s my skin! It’s my favourite body part, and it’s probably the only part of me I take decent care of. I want that to show! And that loving care is just what gets covered up by cake frosting-esque base makeup.

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